Fast-track your real estate development with expert traffic engineering solutions

Greenlight Traffic Engineering delivers responsive, expert advice, and comprehensive traffic engineering services for your real estate projects.

Accelerate your real estate project success with precision traffic engineering services.

Greenlight Traffic Engineering is a reliable traffic engineering partner for real estate developers on both site development and redevelopment projects.

As a full-service Traffic Engineering firm, we deliver personalized, proactive service and guidance during critical phases such as due diligence, zoning entitlement, planning, and design.

Primary services
Traffic engineering due diligence
We meticulously evaluate potential issues upfront, saving time and unlocking the potential of your site.
Traffic statements, impact studies & analyses
Our rigor in assessing how your development will influence local traffic patterns ensures informed decision-making and facilitates smooth  approvals.
Parking studies
We're adept at anticipating and planning for your project's parking  needs, resulting in designs that are both practical and compliant.
Signing and striping plans
Smart, strategic signage and striping are foundational to efficient traffic flow—trust us to get it right the first time.
Traffic signal plans
Whether retrofitting or constructing new signals, our expertise ensures optimized traffic movement and safety.
Roadway and intersection lighting plans
Empowering your development with well-lit thoroughfares that enhance visibility and reduce accidents.
Planning & zoning commission / council meeting support
We stand by your side, ready to defend your project and navigate the political landscape for unobstructed progress.

Featured traffic engineering projects

Our promise
A traffic engineer’s findings carry high stakes for your project, and it’s not enough to simply hand you the final deliverable and walk away. Greenlight provides the personalized service and proactive guidance you need to keep your project moving towards success.
Scott Kelley, PE, PTOE
Timely Project Delivery
and Cost Reduction
Receive studies on time and minimize your roadway improvement costs.
Expert Guidance for
Public Approval
Receive honest, ethical guidance on how to avoid public pushback, criticism of the study, and issues getting it approved.
Accurate and
Compliant Reporting
Accurate and reliable traffic engineering reports that meet agency requirements.
Our team
Deep Expertise - Our principals alone have more than 55 years of experience.