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Our collective expertise and passion for innovation drive our mission to deliver impactful and environmentally-conscious solutions.
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Greenlight Traffic Engineering provides comprehensive traffic engineering solutions for developers and law firms nationwide.
As a real estate developer, commercial developer, or law firm, you understand the critical role that traffic engineering plays in the success of your projects and cases. A single report can make or break a development plan or legal argument, and you can't afford to work with a  firm that treats your project as just another job.  

At Greenlight Traffic Engineering, we believe that our clients deserve more than just a report. They deserve a partnership that supports their team, protects their interests, and keeps their projects moving forward. We understand the high stakes involved in your work and the impact that our findings can have on the lives of countless individuals.  

That's why we've built a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing personalized, proactive service and guidance for the success of your project or legal case.
The Greenlight difference
Specialized focus
Traffic engineering is our sole focus and passion, ensuring that you receive the highest level of expertise and attention.
Deep expertise
With over 55 years of combined experience, our principals bring unparalleled knowledge and insight to every project.
24/7 support
Our hands-on project managers are available 24/7 during your project.
Your trusted partner for traffic safety guidance and expertise
Personalized attention
Have direct access to the lead engineers on your project or their direct reports.
Fast turnarounds
Receive a reply to messages within 24 hours and get a quick turnaround on reports.
Proactive guidance
Gain expert guidance beyond the results of your final deliverable to the next steps in using it to reach success.
Honesty and integrity
Work with partners who always place the public’s safety and the fair resolution of a conflict first in their work.
News & Insight
Curated articles that provide professional and balanced perspectives on the latest trends, data-driven analyses, and practical advice for navigating the green logistics landscape.
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