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Our Services

We develop traffic engineering projects tailored to our client’s needs.

Traffic Engineering for Real Estate

Serving Site Civil Design Firms, Residential and Commercial Land Developers, and Zoning Attorneys in completing traffic impact statements, traffic impact analyses (TIA), on-site and off-site traffic engineering design plans, and horizontal geometric design support.

Traffic Engineering Design

Serving Local, County, Tribal and State DOT agencies to develop traffic engineering plans, specifications and estimates for traffic control, pavement marking, signing, and traffic signals.

Traffic Safety Planning

Serving regional Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO’s) and Council of Governments (COG’s), Cities, Counties, Tribes, and State DOT’s to perform crash data analysis, diagnose safety issues, conduct Safe Routes to School studies, select treatments, perform benefit/cost analysis, prioritize safety projects and conduct before/after analysis. 

3rd Party Review

Serving all private and public agency clients with traffic engineering design and study review support.

Traffic Operations Planning

Serving Local, County, MPO/COG, Tribal and State DOT agencies with intersection alternatives analysis, traffic signal coordination, feasibility analysis and benefit/cost analysis.

Expert Witness Support

Serving Local, County, Tribal and State DOT agencies with expert witness support for research, documentation, depositions and trial support for pedestrian, bicyclist, and vehicular safety issues.

Expert Witness & Litigation Support


Greenlight Traffic Engineering provides support to defendants and plaintiffs involved in traffic crash litigation throughout the United States. Areas of expertise include signing, pavement markings, traffic signals, lighting, roadway design, pedestrians, bicyclists, and ADA.

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Traffic Engineering Challenges Solved


Greenlight Traffic Engineering supports clients completing land development and redevelopment projects throughout Arizona. Our team supports traffic engineering tasks required during the various phases of development including due diligence, zoning entitlement, planning, and design.


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Our Team

Our team is dedicated to building long-lasting relationships while providing exceptional value to our clients. Greenlight Traffic owners Mike and Scott have over 45 years of expertise in developing safe and cost-effective transportation projects for our clients.
Mike Blankenship PE RSP

Mike Blankenship, PE, RSP


Mike is a professional engineer and is certified as a Road Safety Professional (RSP). He has 35 years of traffic engineering and transportation planning work and leadership with a successful blend of technical, management, and communication skills.   

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Scott Kelley PE PTOE

Scott Kelley, PE, PTOE


Scott is a licensed professional engineer (AZ, CA, CO, NM, NV), as well as a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE). He has over 20 years of experience in traffic engineering and has developed an expertise in traffic design and transportation planning studies within Arizona and across the country. 

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Collette Frohlich PE

Collette Frohlich, PE

Project Engineer

Collette is a Project Engineer with 16 years of experience in traffic engineering. She has served municipal clients nationwide. In addition, she has served as the owner’s representative for reviewing private development studies and site plans for the purpose of issuing utility permits. 

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Alyssa Whitten PE

Alyssa Whitten, PE

Traffic Engineer

Alyssa is a Traffic Engineer with 8 years of experience in traffic engineering. Her experience includes development of traffic design plans, including signing and pavement marking, traffic signal, and sign design plans. She is also skilled in the development of traffic safety studies, including regional safety plans and Traffic Impact Analysis studies.

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Josh Barger PE

Josh Barger, PE

Project Designer

Josh is an EIT with 4 years of experience in traffic engineering and transportation planning. His traffic engineering experience includes development of traffic design plans, to include signing and pavement marking, traffic signal, temporary traffic control, and traffic studies. His experience in transportation planning includes development of public transportation agency safety plans and federal, state and local grant applications.

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Raunak Betala

Raunak Betala

Engineering Technician

Raunak is a graduate with his masters in engineering and has 2 years of experience performing traffic engineering studies and design. His experience in transportation engineering and planning disciplines includes specialties in traffic analysis, parking analysis, transportation planning, site access studies, and municipal code requirement reviews.

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Steven Schindler

Steven Schindler

Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE)

Steven is a certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE) and licensed Professional Engineer (PE). He has over three decades of expertise in providing extensive transportation engineering services in Project Management, Traffic Engineering, Roadway Design Engineering, and Construction Engineering. Steven utilizes his vast experience covering every aspect of roadway and traffic engineering.

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Amir Tarighi

Amir Tarighi


Amir is a highly skilled and motivated professional with a dual Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and Community and Regional Planning, focusing on transportation engineering. He has accumulated two years of valuable experience in transportation industry, including transportation planning, traffic engineering, traffic modeling, and roadway design.

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