Lifetime Fitness Traffic Impact Study

Impact Study
Peoria, AZ

Lifetime Fitness, a prominent fitness center chain, aimed to construct a new facility in Peoria, Arizona. The proposed location was on the northwest corner of 67th Avenue and Hatfield, a site that required the acquisition of an existing property from Christ's Church of the Valley (CCV). Greenlight Traffic Engineering played a pivotal role in this development project, collaborating with the property owner, zoning attorney, public involvement team, and site civil engineer to address traffic-related concerns raised by the City of Peoria and neighboring residents.

Greenlight's expertise and diligent efforts resulted in the successful completion of a traffic impact study that was approved by the city on its initial submission. Following this approval, Scott Kelley, a Project Manager at Greenlight, continued to provide support throughout the project's approval process, attending and presenting at both the City's Planning & Zoning Commission and Town Council meetings. Thanks in part to Greenlight's contributions, the project received unanimous approval from both bodies, paving the way for the construction of the new Lifetime Fitness facility.