Rio Estrella Parking Study

Parking Analysis
Avondale, AZ
Rio Estrella Parking Study

The owners of the proposed Rio Estrella industrial project in Avondale, Arizona, sought to entitle a substantial 270,000 square feet of warehouse and industrial space. During the city's planning review process, concerns arose regarding the project's parking needs based on the existing city code. To address these concerns and ensure compliance, a comprehensive parking study was required. Greenlight Traffic Engineering was engaged to conduct the study, meticulously calculating the expected parking demand based on established national parking studies. The findings of Greenlight's study revealed that the actual parking demand for the Rio Estrella project would be significantly less than the amount calculated using the city's code.

Armed with this data-driven evidence, the project owners were able to engage in productive discussions with the city and reach a compromise that satisfied both parties' concerns. This successful resolution allowed the project's planning review to conclude favorably, paving the way for the development of the Rio Estrella industrial project.