Traffic Safety Specialist

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In the intricate dance of traffic law and safety, expert witnesses are the compass that guides the scales of justice. As our roads become more complex and litigation more nuanced, the need for clear, unbiased traffic insights has never been greater. At Greenlight Traffic Engineering, we stand at the intersection of technical expertise and legal acumen, providing the clarity that ensures fair resolutions in traffic-related cases.

What we're looking for:

A meticulous traffic safety specialist who can dissect accident scenes with surgical precision and translate technical jargon into compelling testimony. You'll be the bridge between the world of traffic engineering and the courtroom, ensuring that justice is served on a foundation of solid facts and expert analysis.

The ideal candidate will excel in:

  • Accident reconstruction and analysis
  • Interpretation of traffic laws and regulations
  • Preparation of expert reports and exhibits
  • Delivering clear, convincing expert testimony

The right candidate will have:

  1. Education: A Bachelor's or Master's degree in Traffic Engineering, with additional coursework in forensic engineering.
  2. Experience: 5+ years of experience in traffic safety analysis, with a history of successful expert witness testimony.
  3. Certifications: Professional Engineer (PE) license and accreditations in accident reconstruction.
  4. Analytical Skills: Exceptional ability to analyze complex traffic scenarios and identify contributing factors.
  5. Communication Prowess: Outstanding verbal and written communication skills, with experience in explaining technical concepts to non-technical audiences.

Work at Greenlight Traffic Engineering

At Greenlight, we're more than just traffic engineers – we're urban mobility visionaries. Our team is reimagining the flow of cities, one project at a time. We offer the unique opportunity to tackle diverse challenges across real estate development, legal cases, and public agency initiatives, all while enjoying the flexibility of remote work.

Join us, and you'll be part of a dynamic team that's not just analyzing traffic patterns, but shaping the very future of how people move in our ever-growing cities. At Greenlight, your expertise doesn't just solve problems – it creates possibilities. Together, we'll keep our communities moving forward, safely and efficiently.