Senior Traffic Engineer - Real Estate Development

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In the bustling arena of urban development, traffic flow is the pulse that keeps our cities alive. As skylines reach higher and communities sprawl wider, the arteries of our roadways face unprecedented challenges. Yet, in this concrete jungle, a new breed of traffic engineers is emerging, armed with innovative solutions and a vision for sustainable urban mobility. At Greenlight Traffic Engineering, we're at the forefront of this revolution, crafting traffic plans that don't just manage congestion – they reimagine the very fabric of our cities.

What we're looking for

A visionary traffic engineer who can see beyond the asphalt and traffic lights. You'll be the architect of movement, designing traffic solutions that seamlessly integrate with real estate developments. Your expertise will be the foundation upon which developers build thriving, accessible communities.

The ideal candidate will bring

  • A deep understanding of traffic impact assessments
  • Innovative approaches to parking design and management
  • Expertise in pedestrian and bicycle facility planning
  • A knack for balancing developer needs with community impact

The right candidate will have

  1. Advanced Degree: A Master's in Traffic Engineering or related field, with a focus on urban planning.
  2. Experience: 7+ years of experience in traffic engineering, with a portfolio of successful real estate development projects.
  3. Technical Proficiency: Mastery of traffic simulation software and GIS tools.
  4. Communication Skills: The ability to translate complex traffic data into compelling narratives for stakeholders.
  5. Innovative Mindset: A track record of implementing cutting-edge traffic solutions in challenging urban environments.

Work at Greenlight Traffic Engineering

At Greenlight, we're more than just traffic engineers – we're urban mobility visionaries. Our team is reimagining the flow of cities, one project at a time. We offer the unique opportunity to tackle diverse challenges across real estate development, legal cases, and public agency initiatives, all while enjoying the flexibility of remote work.

Join us, and you'll be part of a dynamic team that's not just analyzing traffic patterns, but shaping the very future of how people move in our ever-growing cities. At Greenlight, your expertise doesn't just solve problems – it creates possibilities. Together, we'll keep our communities moving forward, safely and efficiently.